Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management


Principles of sustainable development within the framework of human health and the environmental pollution prevention field, enables the effective use of administrative, legal, financial, human and environmental resources,  become respected and leading institution which guarantees the right to a healthy environment.


To prevent and control all contamination of the factors influencing the environmental pollution for providing a livable environment.

In this context,

Protect air quality; air pollution, noise and vibration to the lowest level,

Implement the necessary measures related to global climate change, the depletion of the ozone layer and  support the use of clean energy, particularly the area of renewable energy sources, 

Leave our groundwater and surface water, seas, lands to our children who are our future so that they can be used with peace of mind,

Establish laboratories or ensure the establishment of laboratories  for all kinds of environmental measurement, monitoring, analysis, and controls,

Scientifically fits to today's developing and changing conditions, 

Ensure the minimization of all kinds of waste at sources and become an example for other countries on classification, collection, transportation, temporary storage, recycling, reuse, treatment, converted to energy, disposal and final storage of waste,

In cooperation with international organizations, to conduct research and development for environmental protection; To determine environmental standards; ensure coordination among various organizations and local authorities regarding the protection of the environment; conduct and  support to public institutions and organizations; implement training programs on environment to increase environmental awareness,

Become a respectable and leading institution and improve quality of life by means of rational management of environmental resources  and transparent, accountable and participatory, pluralistic studies.


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